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Crafting the Future of Wind Energy

In the spring of 2007, Mike Berdan and Tom Carbone embarked on a mission: to pioneer a cutting-edge Small Wind System for the burgeoning small energy sector. Their objective was to create a groundbreaking prototype featuring a revolutionary Vertical Axis design, setting ambitious standards previously unattained in the small wind industry. Merging Tom Carbone's extensive expertise in the wind energy field with Michael Berdan's profound background in materials, design, and aerospace manufacturing, this dynamic duo collaboratively engineered a product hitherto unseen in the small wind sector.

Michael Berdan

CEO & Founder of Be-Wind

An innovation-driven leader with a strong focus on sustainable turbine solutions. With a specialization in high-power applications and a passion for energy innovation, he leads our team in developing cutting-edge solutions for a brighter and greener future.

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