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Beautiful Nature

Our Turbines & Controller

Discover how BE-WIND's vertical axis turbines are redefining clean energy solutions and contributing to a sustainable future. Join us in revolutionizing the way we harness the power of the wind.

Elevating Sustainability and Performance

Our vertical axis turbines offer exceptional efficiency and performance, starting power generation at low wind speeds and excelling in extreme conditions, outperforming competitors by 15-20%. Rooted in our commitment to sustainability, they promote clean energy accessibility, reduce carbon emissions, and advance renewable energy sources. 

Coming Soon


Exciting news! We're unveiling a cutting-edge wind turbine soon. Stay tuned for pictures and more details. This innovation will redefine renewable energy with advanced technology for increased efficiency. Watch this space for the big reveal!

Coming 2024-2025

Evolution OWind


BE-WIND has focused on producing a strong and clean DC power output from our 3-phase generators. This allows us to be flexible in the type of MPPT and Grid-Tie Inverters so that you as a customer are not linked to using only our technology. We have however focused on World wide products to integrate into our system to support your needs. This includes various Controllers and Companies that support Wind power integration. Including Victron Power Systems, Voltsys and various off brand MPPT charge controllers. As well as small Micro grid Solutions.


Storage Systems

BE-WIND is compatible with all forms of Battery systems, from GEL, Lithium, Salt Water

and older LED Acid technologies. But in 2024 we recognize a need to focus on a battery that fits multiple applications and supports our needs to offer a complete package solution. As well as serviced and produced in North America.  In January 2024 we partnered with DragonFly technologies.   Giving us the experience and knowledge to support your any size solution.

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