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Beautiful Nature

Our Turbines & Controller

Discover how BE-WIND's vertical axis turbines are redefining clean energy solutions and contributing to a sustainable future. Join us in revolutionizing the way we harness the power of the wind.

Elevating Sustainability and Performance

Our vertical axis turbines offer exceptional efficiency and performance, starting power generation at low wind speeds and excelling in extreme conditions, outperforming competitors by 15-20%. Rooted in our commitment to sustainability, they promote clean energy accessibility, reduce carbon emissions, and advance renewable energy sources. 

Coming Soon


Exciting news! We're unveiling a cutting-edge wind turbine soon. Stay tuned for pictures and more details. This innovation will redefine renewable energy with advanced technology for increased efficiency. Watch this space for the big reveal!

Coming 2024

Evolution OWind


BE-WIND is excited to announce its partnership with UK-based Future Energy. Together, we've developed a powerful MPPT charge controller tailored for small wind turbines under 10 kW. This dual 3-phase input controller works with both single turbines and dual inputs, like the BE-WIND EOW dual turbines. Operating on a 24/48-volt DC bus system, it meets the demands of small and micro-grid battery storage, advancing renewable energy solutions.

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