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Offering options for 220 Voltage and 120 Voltage Output with focused environments on hybrid applications of On-grid and Off-grid solutions.

Experience a groundbreaking leap in small wind performance and power output with our cutting-edge design and advanced generator technology. Our design builds upon the success of our EOW-300 Composite, effectively doubling its power and performance capabilities.

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Building on Success: This innovative design is an evolution of our popular EOW-300 product, aiming to double both the power and performance compared to the current EOW-300 Composite.

Seamless Upgradability: We offer a clear upgradability path, allowing users of our 300 series to transition effortlessly to the next generation of high-power, low-profile renewable wind systems.

Future-Proof Investment: With our product, you're not only getting top-tier performance today but also ensuring your investment remains relevant and efficient as renewable energy technology advances.

Sustainability at Its Core: Our commitment to sustainability is embedded in every aspect of this product, making it an eco-friendly choice for clean energy enthusiasts.

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